Choosing Your Tree

White Pine:

Widely distributed throughout the forests of eastern North America, this tree, has soft, lacy, blue-green foliage with needles about three to four inches in length.  A very graceful-looking evergreen, it fragrance and excellent needle retention made it a popular Christmas tree for many years, especially in the traditional South.  -$25




Scotch Pine:

Known as the cosmopolitan tree of Europe, the conifer was one of the first plantation-grown Christmas trees in the United States.  Its sharp, blue-green foliage, with needles about two to three inches in length, can be sheared to an appealing density.  Its conical shape, excellent color, needle retention made it the Christmas tree of choice for many years. – $25




Norway Spruce:

Native to the great Baltic conifer forest of northern Europe, this tree has shiny, dark green foliage with needles about on-half inch in length.  Found at a choose & harvest plantation, the rich foliage of the spruce and exhibit good needle retention with proper care. -$25





Canaan Fir:

Found widely within the Canaan Valley of northeastern West Virginia, this tree is a genetic variation of traditional Balsam fir.  Although similar in appearance, its needles tend to be longer and vary more in color.  Its foliage, however, often retains the bottlebrush appearance of Fraser fir, its southern counterpart.  Relatively new the Christmas tree industry, its popularity continues to rise.  -$35