Caring For Your Tree

Keeping Your Christmas Tree Fresh Through The Holiday Season


Nothing beats the small of a Fresh Christmas tree, but fresh trees need special attention.  To keep your tree fresh and beautiful when you get home follow the simple tips:


  1. Cut at least one inch off the main stem, place the tree in a pail of warm water and store in a cool, shaded area where it is protected from the wind and sun.
  2. When ready to bring the tree into your home, make another cut of one inch off the main stem and place the tree into a water-filled stand as quickly as possible. It is important to maintain a suitable water level at all times.
  3. Trim the tree in all its finery, sit back and enjoy your creation throughout the Christmas season.


Fresh pines and firs will hold their needles for several weeks when treated in this fashion.


Spruces will hold their needles for two weeks.


Dispose of your tree properly as soon as the Christmas season is over.